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The next generation of the tapered implants!
The PSI implant has a complex, new variable threads design that enlarged from the apex toward the coronal portion. This structure features two tunnels that provide better fixation to the bone by at least 30% compared to implants with standard thread design. The variable fixation channels enable much easier insertion toward the top, to achieve the excellent stabilization familiar to anyone working with tapered implants.

Internal Hex connection
The connection is extremely precise, being the platform for all diameters that enables a simple restoration process.

Coronal Portion
Surface is rough towards the coronal portion of the implant, reducing bone resorption and reducing crestal stress for better load distribution.
The most coronal portion is treated with acid etched only.
Coronal portion with two micro rings (channels) will reduce pressure on the cortical bone on one hand and on the other will allow maximum bone volume around the most coronal portion thus will enable minimum bone absorption as possible.

Implant Body
Tapered body design allows easy and smooth insertion to the osteotomy, bone condensing and thus will provide high initial stability.

Implant Threads
Double thread (2x2.4mm) design for efficient implantation. The variable threads in the coronal portion are thicker trapezoid, in the middle portion thinner square and in the apical portion V-shaped to enable fast insertion, bone condensing and self-tapping. Additional increasing threads between the main threads increases the macro and therefore micro surface area thus providing higher bone level that will improve the long term stability.

Apical Portion
The apical portion has narrow, deep and sharp apical starting threads that enable dual entrance, self-tapping and self-drilling, as well as easy bone penetration to prevent damage to the anatomical structure and provide high stability.

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