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The geometry and features of our family of dental implants, along with our meticulous manufacturing process, result in implants that ensure maximum precision, smooth insertion and a more comfortable, natural healing process for the patient.
The implant family uses classic implant design and surface treatments, and an intermediate micro-thread, to achieve larger bone-to-implant surface area contact.
Precise Implants are made of biocompatible, extremely strong Ti-6Al-4V ELI medical-grade Titanium alloy. Features such as flutes cut at the apex and a tapered body shape render the implant self-drilling and self-tapping. These make the implant insertion process as streamlined as possible, resulting in firmer contact with the bone.

Precise Spiral Implant

With its science, design and quality control, this implant introduces a whole new level of stability, comfort and bone completion. This is why we can proudly assert that Precise applies the principle of science by nature, carrying out its technological innovation to practical solutions

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Precise Spiral Top Implant

Based on PSI’s characteristics and advantages, this implant is at the top of the dental implant world today in terms of aesthetics, due to its coronal portion design.

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Precise Spiral Standard

An improved iteration of the standard spiral tapered implant with superior finishing, which greatly outperforms competing products.

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Precise Helical Implant

Our classical, mainstream, implant is an indispensable element of every implant system available in the market. The PHI promotes bone condensing and creates overall stability, it is ideal for hard bone but suitable for common cases too, and it enables small changes in the implantation direction.

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