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The advantages of using Precise’s tapered implants:

These implants enable penetration into locations with thicker diameter and in soft tissue and softer bones (bone types III and IV)
The narrow tapered implant is suitable for cases of limited bone width and it prevents damage to the anatomical structure
The implants enable reasonable alteration of the implantation direction during the implant procedure
These implants are ideal for immediate implantation as well as for immediate loading
They can be indicated for any condition, bone type and surgical protocol
They promote bone condensing and provide enhanced primary stability

The threads in the coronal portion are thicker trapezoid, in the middle portion are thinner square and in the apical portion, where the borders are straight, the threads are sharper and V-shaped To summarize, the advantages mentioned herein constitute implants that enable easy insertion even to narrow locations with high primary stability, prevent damage to the anatomical structure and are self tapping.

The clinical advantages:

Our implants allow better bone condensing and offer high primary stability and minimum bone loss, thus reducing trauma. They can be implanted in areas with narrow ridges and narrow location, preventing damage to adjacent teeth. They can be precisely controlled during the implantation through the insertion pathway, meaning that their angle can be changed during the procedure to reduce the perforation in the lingual and buccal cortex and finally sited in the desired location.

The implants' enhanced stability is achieved even with small bone mass and in soft bone areas – necessary in many clinical cases. This is the result of the special implant body, thread design and the apical portion. With its science, design and quality control, this implant introduces a whole new level of stability, comfort and bone completion. This is why we can proudly assert that Precise applies the principle of science by nature, carrying out its technological innovation to practical solutions.