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Company profile

Precise Implant System E.S Ltd. is a professional dental implant systems company.
Precise is manned by a team and partners with vast experience of dozens of years in the industry of dental implants and medical devices

Precise team has the proven experience as leading developers and marketers of implants and prosthetic products, with proven sales of more than a million implants by other brands and with proven development and manufacturing of new products and particularity dental implants and prosthetics.

Precise believes in making dental implants by redefining precision in the process of manufacturing, marketing and service.

Together we combine this new level of precision with simplicity and quality control together with state of the art scientific knowledge, to achieve vast improvements over existing implants and thus providing our customers and their patients the best dental implant systems.

In Precise, we focus on making precision implantology.
The products that we manufacture are of the highest quality, and they provide easy-to-use solutions. We strive for total customer satisfaction by producing the ultimate kits that addresses any clinical need.

Precise is based on the principle of science by nature.
This principle is carried out to its practical applications and products mechanical and micro structure designs, which reflect our solution-driven technological innovations.

We are the same but much better!

High Standards
Precise is committed to the highest level of accuracy and quality control to produce the best possible implants.
Precise is ISO 13485 certified and work according to the heights quality standard in medical device field.
The Company's products are CE-marked in accordance with the Council Directive 93/42/EEC and Amendment 2007/47/CE.

Product Range
Precise manufactures four types of dental implants and a variety of prosthetic parts, as well as extremely accurate, internal-hex, "one platform for all diameters" products, which enable the dentist to maintain a minimal inventory of prosthetic parts.
Our products are designed for maximum bone-to-implant contact (BIC), maximum initial stability, safe and easy insertion and high aesthetics.